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The Premier Multi-Zone
Adjustable Firmness Mattress

Experience the best in orthopedic sleep with personalized comfort and individualized control.

3 zones per side. Endless possibilities.

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The Ultimate in Spinal Alignment.

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Healing sleep and pain relief
for your shoulders, lower back and hips.

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AirpedicTM vs Sleep Number®

Three zones are smarter than one.

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The Premier Multi-Zone Air Sleep System

Redefine your sleep experience with our cutting-edge multi-chamber system, crafted to provide personalized comfort for every part of your body. Our patented airflow technology ensures you remain cool and comfortable all night long. Airpedic™ offers unmatched durability, convenience, and exceptional value, earning accolades from satisfied sleepers everywhere.

120-Night Sleep Trial
Highly Rated Customer Service
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Made in U.S.A.

#1 Adjustable Air Mattress

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The Ultimate in Lumbar Support


We’ve solved the problem of poor spinal alignment caused by sagging mattresses. Our innovative technology supports your body in optimal comfort all night.

Airpedic™’s design maintains support and comfort throughout the night, with specialized support zones that cater to your body’s unique needs.

Traditional mattresses don’t have the capacity to adjust to your individual support needs and can sag over time, compromising spinal alignment.

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The smartest choice.



3-Zone Air Technology
Innovative Lumbar Support
Patented Airflow System
Luxury for Less


1 Zone, limited adjustments
No Targeted Lumbar Support
No Advanced Airflow System
Luxury Pricing

Breathe in.
Breathe out.

Breathe in.
Breathe out.

Sleep cool with our patented Passive Airflow Transfer System

Discover unmatched sleep customization.


Find the Airpedic™ that’s just right for your sleep needs.

Customer Success Stories

david ashley testimonial

After sleeping on the bed now for 6+ weeks, all I can say is that I wished we had ordered it sooner! The Airpedic 850 King mattress is simply amazing. We haven't had a bad night's sleep with the new mattress.

- David and Ashley Booth

jeff cindy testimonial

After 5 Years we are just as happy with our Airpedic 1000. The mattress is still very supportive and comfortable and we highly recommend the mattress to anybody looking for the ability to have individual settings, as well as the separate support setting for your low back.

- Jeff and Cindy Williams


This mattress is so comfortable that we can’t think of a time we ever slept like this. On this mattress we don’t toss and turn and we don’t get hot lying on the mattress.

- James Carlock

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