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Orthopedic sleep isn't just about rest; it's about creating a foundation for good orthopedic health. It ensures your body is supported correctly to help prevent and alleviate pain, aiding in overall health. Everyone can benefit from an orthopedic mattress, especially older adults:



The memory foam mattress adapts to your body shape and preferred sleeping position, providing personalized support that evolves with your health needs.

Lumbar Support

Lumbar Support

Specifically engineered with an independent lumbar region, our orthopedic mattresses provides the essential support your lower back needs to alleviate strain and maintain proper alignment.

Undisturbed Sleep

Undisturbed Sleep

Our mattress design and materials are designed to absorb motion, ensuring your sleep remains deep and undisturbed, even if your partner tosses and turns.

Improved Circulation

Blood Circulation

Promotes blood flow by relieving pressure points, which can improve overall health and expedite recovery from injuries or surgeries.

Pain Relief

Pain Relief

Older adults often experience joint pain, arthritis, and other musculoskeletal issues. Orthopedic mattresses and pillows are designed to provide better support, reducing pressure points and alleviating pain.

Better Posture

Better Posture

Our supportive surface encourages a natural sleeping posture, aligning your spine to prevent discomfort and improve overall health.

Orthopedic sleep:
Foundation for back health and restful nights.

Orthopedic mattresses are engineered for optimal spinal support, aiming to prevent back issues and enhance sleep quality. Here's how they can transform your nights:

Pressure Relief

Pressure Relief

Our memory foam adapts to your body, spreading weight evenly to soothe pressure points, particularly in critical areas like the shoulders, hips, and lower back.

Quality Sleep

Improved Sleep Quality

An orthopedic mattress that responds to your comfort needs can significantly elevate sleep quality, aiding older adults in achieving deeper, more restorative sleep with fewer interruptions.

Spinal Alignment2

Spinal Alignment

Designed to adjust to your body's contours, Airpedic™ orthopedic mattresses maintain spinal alignment, providing pressure relief, supporting a healthy posture, and preventing back discomfort during the night.


Quality Materials

Advanced, quality materials and design offer not only comfort but also breathability, helping regulate temperature for a cool, comfortable night’s rest.

After sleeping on the bed now for 6+ weeks, all I can say is that I wished we had ordered it sooner!
The Air-Pedic 850 King mattress is simply amazing. We haven’t had a bad night’s sleep on the new mattress.

- Kescog

Discover the Airpedic Difference

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Ultimate Lumbar Support

Unmatched lumbar support and firmness control align your spine perfectly. Our multi-zone technology adapts to your needs for targeted, seamless support.

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Multi Zone Repeater4

Multi-Zone Air Sleep System

Transform your rest with our Multi-Zone Air Sleep System. Tailored, advanced support for each part of you—for nightly rejuvenation and unparalleled comfort.

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Cooling Airflow Technology

Enjoy refreshing sleep with our Cooling Airflow Technology. Its superior heat dispersion and cool air flow elevate comfort beyond traditional memory foam.

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Airpedic™ vs.
Sleep Number®

Our advanced customization for lumbar support and innovative technology not only outperform but also provide a smarter approach to personalized sleep.

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Airpedic™ Mattresses Spec Overview

Does the Airpedic's patented Airflow Transfer System enhance cooling more effectively than other foam mattresses?

Absolutely! Our unique Airflow Transfer System is engineered to actively move body heat away while promoting the circulation of cooler air within the mattress. Unlike other mattresses that may offer superficial ventilation without true under-layer airflow, our system ensures complete circulation. It combines surface holes with underlying channels, facilitating full airflow and superior cooling. This dual approach outperforms high-density memory foams that typically lack breathability, setting our system apart with unmatched cooling efficiency.

Can Airpedic™ mattresses be used on adjustable beds?

Yes, all Airpedic™ mattresses are compatible with adjustable beds. They’re designed with a unique notched railing system to flex and contour perfectly to adjustable bed frames, enhancing your sleep experience with versatile positioning.

How does an Airpedic™ mattress help provide lumbar support?

An Airpedic™ mattress enhances lumbar support with its multi-zone air chamber technology, allowing precise firmness and support adjustments in the lower back area to promote spinal alignment and help alleviate back pain.

How are Airpedic’s chambers more flexible than others, when many types of urethane and rubber chambers can be rigid?

Airpedic™ achieves flexibility in its chambers by utilizing high-quality, thick 100% Urethane, eliminating the need for inflexible nylon coatings. This design choice allows the chambers to adapt to your weight, offering a more forgiving and comfortable sleep surface that avoids the common issue of bottoming out found in less flexible systems.

How does Airpedic's multi-zone system differ from regular 2-zone air beds?

Airpedic™ mattresses feature a 6-chamber, multi-zone adjustable air system, for more customized support than a traditional 2-zone design. This allows for dual-side adjustability for overall comfort, and independent adjustments for shoulders and legs, separate from the lumbar mid-section. 

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Customer Success Stories

david ashley testimonial

After sleeping on the bed now for 6+ weeks, all I can say is that I wished we had ordered it sooner! The Airpedic 850 King mattress is simply amazing. We haven't had a bad night's sleep with the new mattress.

- David and Ashley Booth

jeff cindy testimonial

After 5 Years we are just as happy with our Airpedic 1000. The mattress is still very supportive and comfortable and we highly recommend the mattress to anybody looking for the ability to have individual settings, as well as the separate support setting for your low back.

- Jeff and Cindy Williams


This mattress is so comfortable that we can’t think of a time we ever slept like this. On this mattress we don’t toss and turn and we don’t get hot lying on the mattress.

- James Carlock

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